Thursday, 2 March 2017

Bank-Head Beanie Hat

Handmade knitted hat
Finished Beanie
As the weather has been colder than normal I thought I would treat myself to a new beanie. This pattern is called Bankhead by Susie Gorlay and was inspired by her favorite ghost town Bankhead in the Banff National Park. This great pattern can be found on Ravelry.

This is my very first hat and I'm so pleased with how it turned out and it fits great. I used my favorite interchangeable nickle plated circular needles by Addi from a set that I got for Christmas. For this pattern I used the 4.5 mm needles on a 60 cm cable using the magic loop method. The yarn I'm using is a chunky marble acrylic based yarn I found in my local yarn store. The acrylic based yarn was chosen for it's hard-wearing properties as I plan on wearing this a lot and it will more than likely get popped in the wash a few times too.

Casting on my hat was straight forward and I used an extra stitch to bind-off with the first stitch on the left needle to join in the round: I found this method eliminates the small "step" when joining in the round and makes a nice smooth join. 
Rib knit
Completed Ribbing
The pattern itself is very easy to read and also to work out what size hat you need to make. I chose the medium adult size and it's just snug enough. I was expecting this hat to take a couple of days to knit up (based on my knitting schedule), however I was pleasantly surprised when I was suddenly mid-way though the pattern and about to get into the decreases to make the crown of the hat. As I was flying along this hat I was able to get everything done in one day, including weaving in and blocking.

Mid-way stockinette

I am certainly going to be making more of these hats as gifts for next Christmas and bust through some of my stash that is beginning to over flow the living room.

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